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The Largest Underwater Museum In The World

The largest underwater museum in the world is the Cancun Underwater Museum, or the Subaquatic Sculpture Museum, in Mexico. In 2009 a start was made ​​on building the impressive underwater museum, and nowadays you can use them to make knowledge in three specific ways. It is definitely worth it.

The largest underwater museum in the world was established to protect the existing local coral reef and create stronger. This coral reef in Quintana Roo’s West Coast National Park was hit several times by severe hurricanes, making it sustained heavy damage. In addition, the coral had suffered heavily from the presence of, among other inexperienced divers. Coral reefs are still of great importance for the population. In the event of a hurricane coral reefs can absorb 99% of the force of the waves, causing the shoreline, and everything in them, will be better protected. It is important therefore that the reefs in good health and strong. Worldwide there are about 300 million people who benefit from the positive effects of the coral reefs, and then there is not talked about the need to protect animals and nature.

The museum protects the existing coral reef

The largest underwater museum in the world is of course very interesting for tourists, but many people were initially had concerns about the effect of this museum on nature. This is certainly not necessary, because the museum only adds to the strengthening of nature. The images found in the underwater museum are, are all made of pH-neutral marine concrete. In the immediate vicinity of the images various corals were planted, and the images themselves were covered with coral. Thus, over time creates a natural reproduction and the images will be included as new pieces of nature by nature. Within two weeks, the effect was visible through the green algae appeared. Within months, young algae were noted. There is another way in which the underwater museum to protect the existing coral reef. Divers and snorkelers boot will now explore the largest underwater museum in the world, and leave the existing coral reef alone. Thus, this all the time and opportunity to repair itself and to be so it is more resistant to future hurricanes. Strong and healthy!

On the way to four hundred impressive images

The Cancun Underwater Museum, or the Subaquatic Sculpture Museum, should certainly call themselves the largest underwater museum in the world. You would think that a lot of time has passed before they were assigned this name, but nothing is less true. It was made a start in November 2009 with the underwater museum. On 19 November 2009, the first four images were placed on the bottom of the shallow waters of the Cancun National Marine Park. Within a very short time, there were already hundreds of images at the bottom, and this was only a quarter of all the sculptures would be placed. By the end of 2010, there were actually 400 sculptures on the bottom, and thus the Cancun Underwater Museum was the largest underwater museum in the world. However, it has not been in these four hundred images.

A huge attraction

The aim of the largest underwater museum in the world certainly was not on the field of tourism, and it was not expected that the underwater museum would be so popular. People come from all corners of the world to the underwater museum to contemplate the images. Underwater the largest underwater museum in the world should welcome a million visitors annually, and this really rises above all expectations. One suspects that there is a large 700,000 visitors are kept away from the existing coral reef annually by the arrival of the underwater museum, and of course that’s been. The real purpose of the underwater museum Nevertheless, the fact that Cancun Underwater Museum has become so popular has also ensured that there is now focus more on the value of the museum tourist area. Initially the idea was to rest with the four hundred images’ Underwater museum Because the underwater museum has become so popular and very positive for tourism, it was decided to go anyway develop.

The latest developments

Cancun Underwater Museum was four hundred pictures the entire largest underwater museum in the world, but there were certainly other underwater museums that seriously came close and threatened to hold off. Title this point was decided to develop, so that the positive impact on tourism remained. There are now about 500 images in the underwater museum. The last eleven images were added in September 2013. There is also a Visitors Center realized. In this center are replicas of the most popular images to find out’s underwater museum.

The sculptor

All images in the largest underwater museum in the world are made by the same sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor namely. He was born in 1974, as the son of an Englishman and a lady from Guyana. He spent his childhood partly in Europe and partly in Asia. In 1998 he graduated from the London Institute of Arts, with a BA Honors in Sculpture. Taylor also qualified as a diving instructor and underwater naturalist. Taylor is not only a sculptor, but is known as one of the best underwater photographers, famous for his dramatic images. In 2006, Taylor realized his first underwater museum, on the coast of Grenada in the West Indies. This was the first underwater sculpture park in the world by National Geographic is still seen as one of the 25 wonders of the world. Cancun Underwater Museum is so far the largest project of Taylor. His sculptures are inspiring, breathtaking and impressive. Below are some images of his works.

The largest underwater museum in the world to discover

There are three ways you can explorer’s largest underwater museum in the world. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling or sailing. The water is relatively shallow. The images can be found at depths between six and nine feet. As a result, the images are also particularly easy to see from the surface. You can admire the statues by snorkeling on the field, but who do not want the water (or dare) can also get on the boat. For tourists who want to see the underwater museum knowledge, there is special boat with a glass bottom.

Diving is obviously the most impressive way to make all the images in the Cancun Underwater Museum knowledge. The images are free, so you can get as close as you want. Very young people are advised to dive. Museum by the knowledge for the first time the growth of corals and algae have various images given a somewhat ‘scary’ appearance. Who is anxious to make underwater with this knowledge it is recommended to first apply to the visitor center, or to first view the images. Better from above to visit.

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