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Woman Manages To Be Mother During Menopause

Louise Gilbert is a 39 year old who spent two decades trying to conceive through in vitro fertilization treatment, it reached the menopause early.

So eager to be mom, Louise endured great emotional stress and financial strain that this generated, and then spent more than $ 40,000 in hopes of getting pregnant.

In the end it was worth it for all because it achieved its goal and finally in 2012 her daughter Sofia was born.

Waiting for more than ten years was heartbroken, in 2004 felt that the wait would be permanent since there was no progress in their treatment.

Each experiencing fertilization, it was a failure, she tried three times and never had fertility signs in her body, Louise felt her whole world collapsed, being a mom to her was her embodiment as a woman.

Her strange early menopause did not produce eggs that could be fertilized.

Doctors dismissed her chances of being able to have a biological child, because her belly’s not ovulating.

Do not give up, she began looking for different types of treatments to get pregnant, once managed to have twins, but unfortunately lost.

After many failed attempts, a divorce and lost all hope, Louise began a new life.

She changed her social circle and met a new love that accompanied the whole process of pregnancy.

Louise continued in her attempt to become pregnant, in Spain began a treatment that suddenly gave a result, although she could not believe it, again expecting twins, only one survived.

When little Sophia was born, Louise experienced the greatness of motherhood and her life changed completely.

Things finally lined up in her life, love her baby and she came at the right time for her after the difficult stage that happened.

Louise could not feel happiness, sadness and all their efforts were rewarded by a lot, now formed a new family that her life is full.

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