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The Nike Brand Debuted On The Mexican Stock

Has acceptance.

Nike shares on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) had a good reception in his debut session, although it had a low volume of operations, said GBMhomebroker, a firm that promoted the entry of the company in the local market.

At the end of the day, shares of the company with ticker symbol “NKE” which are listed on the International Quotation System (SIC), registered an increase of 0.29 per cent, to settle at a price of 047.50 thousand pesos per share, although during the day they reached 059 thousand pesos.

Meanwhile, in its home market The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nike shares closed with a loss of 0.23 percent, trading on a price of $ 78.80 per share.

“The entry of Nike, one of the most popular brands in the world, the International Quotations System generated a buzz among the community of online investors,” said CEO GBMhomebroker, Javier Martínez Morodo.

He added that “even if the amount traded was not significant, we saw that it was the actions more operations recorded in the day Tuesday in the SIC and mostly operated by GBM, demonstrating the interest of private investors and above all our customers.”

According to figures from the BMV Global Market today Nike 327 titles were negotiated by an economic amount of 344 000 111 pesos.

GBMhomebroker, which is the online platform for the sale of shares of GBM Grupo Mexicano Market, promoted the entry of Nike and Twitter to SIC and aroused great interest from private investors to take advantage of recent reforms to the General Law of Markets can buy international securities listed on the SIC.

“The activities we have done have aroused the interest of the people to know more about the Mexican financial system,” said Martinez Morodo, adding that the firm has already received proposals for the new shares to list on the SIC by investors. (Courtesy usa news).

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