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Immigration Reform Mug A Intricate 2014

Organizations Ready national marches and a vote of punishment for those who do not support it in the House of Representatives.

The scenario of immigration reform in 2014 is not defined. It is not known if there will be a vote in the House of Representatives by March or the Republican leadership, led by Rep. John Boehner (Ohio), Hastert will abandon the rule and allow for a full vote. And if permitted, will have no guarantee that the 218 votes needed to not suffer a political defeat in an election year.

It is also unclear whether Republicans will yield positions and allow Boehner send the full Democrat HR 15 plan, which has bipartisan support. The White House insists that the project has enough votes in the full House of Representatives (at least 218), but the Tea Party opposes it includes citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“In 2013 I had a slight hope to see that the Senate failed to pass a bipartisan immigration reform,” he told Natalia Jaramillo, communications manager of the Florida Immigrant Coalition. “While the project continues to promote unnecessary and excessive spending on border control, a policy that has not produced more needless deaths and wrecking the national budget, millions of people have access to a long but possible path to citizenship “he added.

The plan S. 744 Senate was approved on May 27 by a large majority and sent to the House of Representatives. But the Republican leadership imposed three constraints: the validity of Rule Hastert-who only send the full initiatives that have the backing of the majority of the majority, who would discuss their own initiative and they would split (no guarantees that one of them would include citizenship for undocumented immigrants).

No results

“It was very disappointing that the House not achieve anything during the six months after the Senate approved his project,” Jaramillo said. “And now we come to the end of the year in the same situation, no immigration reform, deported almost 400,000 people and millions of families still living in fear of being separated.”

During the first Obama (2009-2012) managed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) beat four successive records of deportations, with an average of 400,000 per year (in 2012 the figure reaches almost 410 000).

“In 2014 we cannot let Congress continue extending our distress. This year thousands of people were mobilized and confirm that there is more support than ever for immigration reform, including by some conservatives, religious, business and a majority of the voting areas, “said the activist.

Jaramillo also said that organizations expect in 2014, “the House of Representatives present a bill and our Congress, especially those who have always been in favor of reform, and Mario Diaz Balart, really commit and demonstrate with actions. We want to see a bill and want to see a vote. ”

He warned that “we will not be idly waiting for the Congress at the Capitol agrees. Let’s ask President Obama to use his authority to stop deportations immediately through an executive order. And we will continue to promote change in our communities and states, as we did this year with measures like the Trust Act and driver’s licenses, among others. ”

Sharpened teeth

For Juan Jose Gutierrez, coordinator of the Coalition of the Full Rights for Immigrants in Los Angeles, California, 2013 “was a difficult year for immigration reform,” despite not being approved in the House of Representatives, no surrender and refine a new strategy, more aggressive and national support.

“The pro-immigrant organizations I work very hard” this past year, he said. “All organized sectors of the immigrant community contributed significantly to federal authorities take final action. Participated unions, churches of all denominations, the young” dreamers “and community-based organizations.”

Gutierrez said the major achievement that “the Senate passed by a wide margin immigration reform with a path to citizenship, but they failed to convince Republicans in the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, Gutierrez said that immigration reform “is not dead” and said to Obama in 2014, “immigration reform is highest priority and we hope to see a final action in the House during the first half.”

The activist said from and organizations nationwide are organizing marches and preparing to vote for the election of halftime of the first Tuesday in November, when U.S. Congress renewed. “We are prepared to continue marching. We are calling for Los Angeles on February 22 and will continue the actions of civil disobedience. ”

“And the voter registration. We will go to the polls in state elections in March and June and in November federal. We have made a commitment not to stop until a generous immigration reform with a path to citizenship is approved, “he said.

A pure helpful

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) not far behind. “In 2013 the pro immigration reform movement was imposed at the insistence of both parties to ignore that should fix the problem. There was not a single month that was not present in Washington DC and in the districts reminding them that the solution is in your hands, “said Jorge Mario Cabrera, communications director of the Coalition.

“But we learned that sometimes some politicking, the Representatives (John) Boehner (Ohio) and (Kevin) McCarthy (California) is strong and our community must learn to counter it if we want to be victorious,” he said.

Plans for next year, Cabrera said that “by 2014 we have the strategy for achievement for our community, including Administrative Relief to stop deportations and legislative developments that address the broken immigration system.”

“In turn, we will be working with more voters and future voters to establish a definitive wall protection to the interests of our community. Despite being primary election year, our goal will continue advancing immigration reform once and for all provide permanent solutions to this humanitarian crisis. It tackles back, confident that our struggle is right, “he predicted.

To stop deportations

In Miami, South Florida, Carlos Pereira, executive director of the Center for Immigrant Orientation (CODI) said 2013 “was a year of much learning and much experience where all sectors fail in some way.”

Activists explained that “we use a language that does not sell requesting citizenship. This is always misunderstood by opponents of immigration reform. Also order comprehensive immigration reform does not think is the right way. We must seek the legalization of all safely. ”

Roads for legalization, Pereira cited the dreamers, agricultural workers and undocumented residents with family and citizens of the United States. “If you do not work this way, simper will be seen as an amnesty in disguise.”

The leader added that in 2014 “must have important decisions. Otherwise, “he said,” I will punish with votes. ”

He noted that while Republicans risk losing control of the House of Representatives, Democrats could clear the way for the presidential elections of 2016.

While the scenario is defined, Pereira urged the government to stop the deportations, which in fiscal year 2013 to 370 thousand lined the average close to 1,000 a day.

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