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Education in USA

The funding for education in USA comes from three levels; local level, state level and federal level. The whole system of education is kept in the hands of public sector for control and to avoid any mishandling. The education of children is necessary so special attention is given to the matter. A large number of quality educational institutes are setup to get education from lower level to the higher level.


Public education in USA is available in which schools; funding, employment and teaching policies are made by the locally elected school boards with the help of state legislative. The budget and officials are independent with school districts which are taken as separate entity. There is compulsory learning period when the age of a child is five to eight years and ends when he or she is 14 to 18 years of age.

Education in USA is divided in three levels in private and public schools which are elementary school, middle school and high school. The children are divided in different grades depending on their age from kindergarten to twelfth grade. Kindergarten is the grade of the youngest children while twelfth grade is the final year of the school. The ages of children vary from area to area.

The education of college is called post secondary education in USA and it is administered separately from the elementary school.  According to statistics nearly 77 million students enrolled in 2000 in school from kindergarten to graduate level. A large number of students were in the range of 12 to 17 years of age. More than 85% students have passed high school but 27% have received bachelor degree. The average salary of a college or university graduate is $51000 which is more than the national average salary.

The reading literacy rate in USA is 99% of the population of USA but the ranking below the average is in mathematics, science and understanding. The graduation rate in USA was 77% and the minimum rate is 35%.  Mostly children start education at the age of five or six. USA school year starts from the end of August.

The children are divided into groups having names like preschool, kindergarten and twelfth grade. The American education system consists of 12 grades over 12 years. Before going to kindergarten the student need to have 5 years in primary school. After passing five grades the student will enter junior, middle and high school. After high school the student has to go to a college or university for further study.

There are community colleges which offer two year classes although some of them offer degree classes as well. So they pursue bachelor degree after completing the high school education. The institutes which offer four year programs are run by public or private institutes.

Education in USA is not a tough task in United States because you just need to learn more and more knowledge. There is difference in size, focus and level of educational institutes between the public or private authorities who run these institutes.