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Culture of USA

The culture of USA is mixed with a variety of traditions and values of the nation. The major influence is taken from western and British culture which shows the traditions of European people. You can also find the traits of Africa, Asia and Latin America in the culture of USA. It is considered an individualistic culture in the world. This is the key feature which attracts people from all over the world toward United States. There are differences among the languages, values and social status of the people.


In the 18th century when the country was established a great deal of different culture of USA was experienced.  When we read the mission statement about securing the life, equality, liberty, pursuit of happiness and national motto then we come to know about the values of the country. The influence of the immigrants cannot be ignored on the culture of USA. The people of USA value to the independence, individualism, altruism, free markets, equality, democracy, feminism and patriotism. When these values mix with religious duties then the culture is formed.

The relationship between economic and political traditions is very close due to which individuals try to find out the best results for the individuals as well as for the society. It is a good way to become successful on economic and political grounds. It is the largest economy of the world where people speak English. The culture of USA is aggressive toward communist and socialist ideologies.

There are people of United States who don’t take much interest in other countries or nations development. The imported films are not much successful and same is the case with local shows. They prefer local productions so the relation with other countries and nations is made at different levels. Americans travel rarely to other countries as compare to the other European countries. The American workers have fewer vacations as compare to the other European workers. America is a large country so there is lot of variety in food, travel and other values which the people of America can experience easily.

Before 20the century the expression of emotion or affection was discouraged and disapproved. But the Cultural Revolution brought some changes in 1960 and 1970 due to which things are changed now. Still the attitude and affection is not as much expressive as it should be. The population of USA is huge so it is also considered the nation of immigrants and they have influence on its culture as well. Individuals took them free instead of families so the culture is mainly based on individualism. There are many clubs and organizations like Rotary Club, Little League and Boys Scouts in United States which run day and night so they are a good way to promote culture of USA.

The food of USA is dependent on the region and people living in that area. The family or individuals have their own cultural heritage in food because they like fast food and Chinese as well. You can see American culture in the cities of New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angles and Florida as it is rich in musical performances, shows and films. The people of America love to work on latest devices equipped with advanced technology.  Americans wear formal dresses such as pants and shirts but there is a class in certain area who wears stylish and fashionable clothes. The children start to attend school at the age of 5 or 6 years and end the school at the age of 16 or 17 years.