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An Inflamed Toe Or Finger

We all have a history of an inflamed spot on the side of our fingernail or toenail, this evil and what can you do?

Painful red spot next to the finger or toenail

It often happens that you suffer from a painful red and swollen spot next to or under the nail of one of your fingers or your toes. The place is warm and true and there may be some pus out. The cause of such a place is not always clear, but it is often the result of sheets bite or ingrown toenails. Because small, superficial wounds incurred bacteria can spread easily and cause inflammation.

Should I go to the doctor with an inflamed finger or toe?

You do not initially go to the doctor with such inflamed spot; the place is often disappearing by itself after a few days discomfort. Sometimes, however, the infection can spread, and there is a pent-swelling seen. The swelling has a yellow / green color and the skin will be tighter and more painful. If this is the case, then it’s time to go. GP The doctor can make a hole in the swollen skin, causing the accumulated pus can flow Depending on the severity of the infection, the doctor will be an antibacterial ointment or antibiotics.

What can I do against an inflamed finger or toe?

The perfect remedy for a sore finger – or toe nail is taking soda baths. When you visit the doctor with a slightly inflamed finger or toe, then this means it will also recommend. For now, you do not get prescription drugs.

How do I make a soda bath?

A soda bath is simple to make. First boil some water, add pure natural soda to it. A bag of soda beads is just at the drugstore for sale. For a soda bath for a finger or toe is a tablespoon of baking soda to one gallon of water is sufficient.

Let the soda dissolve in the boiling water and let it cool until you can use your finger or toe without burning it. Let your toe or finger twice a day, 10 minutes in a soda bath and discomfort will disappear quickly in most cases. You can also use Biotex (detergent) instead of soda, it works just as well.

When called to the doctor with an inflamed finger or toe?

In the following cases, you should go to the doctor with an inflamed finger or toe:

  • When there are a lot of pus under the skin has accumulated and the skin completely taut
  • If after a few days of soda baths no improvement has occurred.
  • If you have diabetes (note: do not use in diabetes soda or bath Biotex Due to a significantly greater risk of infection, diabetes patients have to visit a doctor at an inflamed toenail)
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