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A New York Judge Settles On That The NSA Wiretapping Is Permissible

The collection of metadata phone calls of Americans by the NSA is the most vulnerable to the intelligence agency point.

Judge William Pauley rejected the ACLU lawsuit against the National Security Agency (NSA).

A federal judge in New York found Friday that the telephone data collection by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) is legal and justified to prevent terrorist attacks.

The federal judge in the Southern District of New York, William Pauley, considered that the external revealed by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden program is “legal” and useful in determining connections between terrorists and prevent attacks on U.S. soil.

The judge recognized that the leaks have prompted a debate Snowden overall, as well as the White House and Congress on “the tension between the protection of the country and preservation of civil liberties posed by the collection of telephone metadata”.

The judge rejected the demand and the Civil Liberties Union of United States (ACLU), which argued that the massive U.S. data collection by the NSA’s illegal, while U.S. government defended the program, since most collected data are discarded.

Pauley’s opinion contrasts with the opinion of the last week of another federal judge in Washington DC this case, it considered that the massive accumulation of millions records of telephone connections in the United States may violate privacy protections against excessive investigation that includes the U.S. Constitution.

The collection of metadata phone calls of Americans by the NSA is the most vulnerable to the point intelligence agency, since its mandate is only to spy abroad

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